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Radboud in'to Languages

Address: Erasmusplein 1, Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS, Europe

The name Radboud in'to Languages underscores our connection to Radboud University Nijmegen and the Faculty of Arts. We chose an English name because this goes well with the increasing internationalisation of society and the cultural diversity of our clients and course participants.
The word in'to links Radboud to Languages, and as our middle name (so to speak) symbolises detail, expertise, commitment and result focus. More and more, our clients find themselves being part of an internationa...


Address: Hoge Prins, Willemstraat 226 E, 2584 HX, Den Haag, NETHERLANDS, Europe

TaalTaal is a dynamic organisation in The Hague which arranges and facilitates educational activities for individuals and companies. We are particularly proud of our cooperation with a multitude of national and international organisations, including the ICTY of the United Nations, of which we are an official partner.

Our teachers all have their own special areas of interest, but one thing they have in common is a passion to share knowledge in an engaging and accessible fashion. Our wo...

Volksuniversiteit Amstelland

Address: Stadsplein 97, Amstelveen, 1181 ZM, NETHERLANDS, Europe

We are an institution for adult education established on the Stadsplein in Amstelveen. Our aim is to contribute to the development and education of the individual, irrespective of religious or political convictions. We strive to reach this aim by helping adults gain the knowledge and skills they need to take part in society and working life and to broaden the horizon of their interests.
In our program courses, workshops (NL) and lectures (NL) are on offer in various topics such as languages...